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Official Cover Reveal for My Next Children’s Book

Want to know what goes into making a good cover? Then check out the final cover for my new kids’ book: Just for Kicks!: 600 Knock-Out Jokes, Puns & Riddles About Sports because I think the marketing and artistic teams at Sterling Children’s Books nailed it.

Just for Kicks Photo

What makes this cover so good? Let’s break it down:

  1. They’ve managed to incorporate the bright orange of a basketball in the background; the chalk sketch of a soccer pitch in the foreground; a soccer referee holding a yellow card; and on that card, a jester juggling a baseball, volleyball, football, soccer ball, and basketball. Right away, without reading a word, I know this book has jokes about a ton of sports. (And if you open it up, you’ll find proof. There are jokes about the most popular sports and the most obscure. Heck, there’s even a jai alai joke in there! Why was the jai alai reporter so good? He always got the scoop.)
  2. The cover says funny and lighthearted. It’s bright orange, the title pops with quirky, off-kilter lettering, and there’s that jester with a big-smile on his face. Everything about it says comedy and kids.
  3. It’s not all wacky. After all, sports kids are often cool kids, and that referee is cool, right down to his muscular arm, determined expression, and sunglasses that miraculously stay on his face without anything holding them over his ears.

And in case you’re thinking, “Well, I don’t have a giant publisher and its creative team behind me to create a great, eye-catching cover,” this was all done with an altered Shutterstock image. I don’t know the final cost, but it couldn’t have been astronomical. What I do know is that, whatever the cost, it was worth it. I love the cover they put together, and I hope you do, too.

Just for Kicks is set for a September release, but you can pre-order a copy or two today for any young laughers in your life. I hope you do!


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