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Writing Quotes

Just some of my random thoughts on writing.

“All writing is autobiographical.”

“Always have an answer to the question, ‘So what’s your book about?'”

“The story controls the outline. The outline does not control the story.”

“An outline is a guide, not dogma.”

“Backstory, like comedy, is all in the timing. Don’t introduce it too soon or too late.”

“Be able to pitch your book in one line. If they’re still interested, make it a paragraph.”

“The only works you should read out loud are the three P’s: plays, poetry, and picture books.”

“Edit as you write, not as you speak.”

“A lady may not kiss and tell, but an author does.”

“Never let an excuse for not writing be your best work.”

“Be diligent. Preparation is a sign of professionalism.”

“It’s the purpose of the novel to be cumbersome and unwieldy before finally taking shape. Don’t fight it.”

“Readers don’t have to like your characters, but they have to understand them.”

“Only dichotomies are interesting.”

“Writers are not paid for their words, they are paid for their perseverance.” 

“Writing is a lonely experience. Rewriting is a team sport.”

“Write what you know. Read what you don’t.”

“Write what you know should really be write what you read.”

“Hold your readers’ attention with tension.”

“Publishing is show business for smart people.”

And My All-Time Favorite Quote on Writing:

“If your characters ever meet you they should punch you in the face.”

So what’s your favorite writing quote? Add it to the comments and let others know. I bet they’ll be inspired.

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