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Just for Kicks 600 JokesIt’s JUST FOR KICKS!: 600 KNOCK-OUT JOKES, PUNS AND RIDDLES ABOUT SPORTS. Your young readers will score more than a few laughs with this original collection of game-winning shots.

How does Santa Claus kick a football? With his mistletoe.

What does T. Rex eat while camping?

Why can’t two babies play basketball?
They double dribble.

Currently the #1 New Release in Downhill Skiing! (And why not? That’s funny, too!)

So, exercise their funny bone with this gut-busting book!

Just $6.95!

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Keep your kids screaming with laughter in 2019 with this howler:

MONSTER MADNESS! 600 FRIGHTFULLY FUNNY JOKES, PUNS & RIDDLES makes its way to the shelves. It’s a scream.

What do you call mummies in the desert heat? Mummifried.

How does a zombie feel after he loses his lunch? Brainless.

What do you call a team of vampire superheroes? The Fangtastic Four.

So, if you’ve got the guts, we dare you not to laugh at the funniest monster joke book yet. It will haunt you…

Just $6.95!

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COMING APRIL 7, 2020, it’s DAD JOKES FOR KIDS! 600 JOKES TO TELL WITH YOUR DAD! Love those Dad jokes? Here’s a book full of them perfect for kids and their funny dads!

What do call it when every dad gets the same present? A tie.

How do you make a building gorilla proof? Kong-crete.

What’s the worst part about becoming a fossil? The pressure!

More than 600 puns, groaners, and dad jokes for old and young pranksters alike!

Available for Pre-Order Now!


John Briggs is a former stand-up comic who has written jokes for TV, radio and print. In addition to thousands of shows across the country, he was one of the warm-up acts for HBO’s Young Young Comedians talent search. As the father of three, he guarantees these jokes have been tested and re-tested for young gigglers everywhere.



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