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And yours, too!

Find My Books

My books are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Authorgraph, Quaker Books, and plenty of other great places. If you can, support these local mom-and-pop stores carrying my books!


Barnes&Noble-fixedBarnes & Noble, Albany/Wilton/Utica

(Leaping Lemmings! will be available in most Barnes & Nobles nationwide after Sept. 6. I’ll be signing copies at the Albany location on Wolf Road on October 1.)


NorthshireNorthshire Books, 424 Broadway, Saratoga Springs

(Mary Dyer, Friend of Freedom, Leaping Lemmings! )



Open Door   The Open Door Bookstore, 128 Jay Street, Schenectady

(Pete Seeger: The People’s Singer, Leaping Lemmings! 


Proctorsn Gift Centre    Proctors Gift Centre & Arcadia, 432 State Street, Schenectady

(Judy Garland: Little Woman, Big Talent)


If you’re interested in carrying any of my books in your store, please contact me at johnbriggsbooks [at] I’ll do everything I can to promote them (and your business!).

And if you’re a teacher or homeschooler, my publisher offers free study sheets for Mary Dyer, Friend of Freedom. It’s a great way to discuss the First Amendment, civil rights, women’s history, and colonial history! Contact them at info [at]


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