John Briggs Books

And yours, too!

Find My Books

My books are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Authorgraph, Quaker Books, and plenty of other great places. If you can, support these local mom-and-pop stores carrying my books!


Barnes&Noble-fixedBarnes & Noble, Albany/Wilton/Utica



NorthshireNorthshire Books, 424 Broadway, Saratoga Springs





Open Door   The Open Door Bookstore, 128 Jay Street, Schenectady



Proctorsn Gift Centre    Proctors Gift Centre & Arcadia, 432 State Street, Schenectady

(Judy Garland: Little Woman, Big Talent)



The Little Book House, 1475 Western Ave., Albany



If you’re interested in carrying any of my books in your store, please contact me at johnbriggsbooks [at] I’ll do everything I can to promote them (and your business!).

And if you’re a teacher or homeschooler, my publisher offers free study sheets for Mary Dyer, Friend of Freedom. It’s a great way to discuss the First Amendment, civil rights, women’s history, and colonial history! Contact them at info [at]

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