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It’s rare that I recommend a book that I edit, even when I know it’s good. The last thing I want is to foist a copy on somebody only to discover that I’m too close to the project and have a slightly jaded view.

I’m going to make an exception here.

In my job as an editor and author, I come across a ton of freelance writers, editors, illustrators, marketers, etc. Freelance to Freedom by Vincent Pugliese is designed to help freelancers, regardless of profession, form a business plan to bring in revenue, free up their time, and understand ways to establish a nest egg for that rainy day. With any luck and a lot of hard work, you’ll even establish a tidy nest egg for that unexpected rainy week or month that every freelancer encounters. You might even save up enough for a much-needed vacation. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Vincent uses a fine, biographical narrative to tell you his story from rags to riches—well, struggling to successful, anyway. But it is a believable and inspiring story of how he found the right motivation (his family) to go from day-laboring clock puncher to well-paid freelancer.

If you read the book, you may argue that Vincent had an advantage that eludes you: he was a sports photographer who found big success when an impressive shot he took of hockey star Mario Lemieux won a prestigious industry award. You might say that doesn’t apply to you, but you’re probably wrong. While there may be no direct parallel, Vincent’s story involves years of hard work and training, an unmistakable passion for his profession, the right motivation, and a willingness to pursue opportunities that others passed up. You can do all that. If you’re looking to freelance, take whatever passion you want to make your profession (or the one that already is) and build a resumé and/or portfolio and don’t quit when others do. Take comfort in the idea that “fortune helps the brave,” but also helps those who persevere. Vincent’s story—laid out succinctly here—is a tribute to that.

Fortunately, Freelance to Freedom goes beyond being the pep talk you can get almost anywhere. Your mother can tell you not to quit. This book is packed with practical advice, from formulating a business plan, knowing what projects to take on, what paperwork you may need, how to create a retirement plan, and more. Its professional value is the real reason I recommend it to my fellow freelancers. If you need a pep talk to get motivated, freelancing—with all its uncertainties—may not be for you. It’s okay to fly by the seat of your pants in this business, but some solid guidance makes for a smoother flight.

If you’re considering leaving your day job to be your own boss, or have already taken those first few steps, you should check out Freelance to Freedom—and may you have all the success Vince and his wife have enjoyed!


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