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Just Because My Publisher Did Something Cool

There are a lot of reasons (many of them noble) to buy ebooks — saving trees, saving the ozone, lower cost — but here’s a new one: saving democracy.

There’s a big push on to buy ebooks instead of print books to cut down on the amount of mail we receive. Why? Because the post office is expecting to receive, handle and deliver millions of mail-in ballots over the next six weeks while at the same time cutting hours, mailboxes, and mail sorters. You know, the kind of thing that could really screw up the vote count.

It’s funny that my book is a satire about voter fraud, election tricks, and campaign corruption. Now, it’s a part of the battle to prevent the very things it criticizes.

And so, Uban Creek Books is being one of the good guys here. They’re cutting the cost of the ebook for A VOTE FOR JESUS to just $2.99 through Election Day. And they’re not just doing it for the Kindle — they’re doing it on every single ebook platform.

It cuts their profit and my royalty, but it’s the right thing to do because in a democracy, every vote counts. Mitch McConnell says the Supreme Court is worth losing Congress and the White House. Well, preserving democracy is worth a few bucks in my pocket.

So, yeah, I get it. It’s a small thing, but if we all join in, it’s a movement — a movement to save our precious form of government.

You can read their press release below, or get an ebook of A VOTE FOR JESUS here.


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