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Book Birthday: Just for Kicks! Just Released

Just for Kicks!: 600 Knock-Out Jokes, Puns and Riddles About Sports hits the shelves today!

Kids love jokes. Kids love sports. Just for Kicks offers completely original sports jokes for fans of any age. It’s chock full of jokes from one-liners to knock-knocks about dozens of sports sure to please any young laugher and sports nut. Sure, you’d expect to find jokes about soccer, baseball, football, basketball, and hockey, but also curling, sumo wrestling, and jai alai? That’s a book with a joke for every budding comic out there.

How did the college quarterback hurt his hand? He hit the books.

Just for Kicks can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and independent bookstores across the country. Fall is the busiest sports season of the year. Why not throw more than a little fun into your sport with hundreds of jokes sure to score with your young reader?

What do you call a hockey player with all his teeth? A rookie.

This book has jokes on everything from spring training to winter sports. Jokes even fit the title:

Just for Kicks:

How does Santa Claus kick a football? With his mistletoe.

Knock-Out Jokes:

Did you hear about the boxer knocked out by Dracula? He went down for the count.

Just for Kicks is sure to keep ’em laughing. There are so many jokes, we threw in an Extra Innings chapter just to fit them all in. Here’s hoping your young jock stays jocular with this collection of hilarious jokes!

Just for Kicks! 600 Knock-Out Jokes, Puns and Riddles About Sports by John Briggs (Published by Sterling Children’s Books, September 11, 2018). Just $6.95!

So, like the comedians says, “Always leave ’em laughing.” Remember that jai alai joke?

Why was the jai alai reporter so good? He always got the scoop.

And for good measure…

What race gives the winner bicycle shorts? The Tour de Pants!

Thanks for checking out Just for Kicks and giving your young reader the gift of laughter!

John Briggs

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