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Leaping Lemmings (Officially) Released Today

Larry and company make the leap into bookstores!

Regular readers of this blog have heard about Leaping Lemmings! for months now. This brightly colored picture book with a cogent message about peer pressure and thinking for yourself has been in the pre-order phase since March, but now – now – it has finally and fully been officially released.

What’s the difference?

Now, you can walk into just about any Barnes & Noble or many of your favorite independent bookstores and hold a copy in your hands, flip it over, admire the artwork, and read the text before you buy it. For months it has only been available online, but now you can base your decision on a physical copy, too.

And Leaping Lemmings has been a big hit up close and in-person:

  1. It completely sold out at the NY Now event in 50 minutes.
  2. It’s a staff pick at the independent, three-store book chain Third Place Books in Washington State (check out their site. It’s an amazing store).
  3. The book buyer at The Open Door Bookstore in Schenectady fell in love with it immediately and asked about a book signing (I’ll be there September 10).

So, pick up a copy. There’s nothing quite like holding an actual book in your hands. I’m sure you’ll love Nicola Slater’s illustrations and laugh along with the story. Or order online if that’s more convenient. Once you have it in your hands, I’m sure your young readers will love it, too!


One comment on “Leaping Lemmings (Officially) Released Today

  1. David Bundy
    September 16, 2016

    Hi John,

    I enjoyed reading Leaping Lemmings which I preordered. I liked the final page turn with the unexpected ending. I was sorry to be out of town when you had the book signing at the Open Door Bookstore. It has always been one of my favorite bookstores.

    I know that you write excellent biographies and wonder if you would be interested in writing about Jeff Blatnick. He was a Niskayuna native who overcame Hodgkin”s lymphoma to win the gold medal in Greco Roman Wrestling at the 1984 Olympics. He was selected by the athletes to carry the American Flag in the closing ceremonies. I was the freshman coach at Niskayuna when Jeff was on the varsity. Joe Bena was the varsity coach and the person most responsible for Jeff”s success. Joe is an awesome story teller and could arrange meetings with other people who are a part of Jeff’s story. I talked to Joe today and learned that he is having some health issues. During our conversation, I thought of you and asked Joe if he would talk to a writer about Jeff”s story. He said, “He would love to”.

    If you are interested my phone number is 782 -7878.

    David Bundy


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